Pensions Might Be Failing to Claim Benefits, But You Don’t Have to Fall Into That Trap!

A pension is designed to catch you when you might be at your most vulnerable time. As we get older in life, we want to make sure that we have a certain standard of living. A pension can help you ensure that the essentials are taken care of. Yet a new report is out saying that pensioners all across the UK are failing to claim billions of pounds in benefits. That’s definitely a problem, and we think that it’s important to ensure that you are taking steps to avoid this costly mistake. Even if you’re a long way from collecting State Pension, you will probably have someone that’s going to benefit from the information.

The main pool of money in question is the pension credit, which is used to top-up older people’s weekly pension. Many residents of the UK find themselves living in poverty later in life, as they are unable to supplement their income from working at a regular job.

There have been calls for an awareness program, but you will need to ensure that you are doing the legwork yourself. You can use sites like to assess your benefit entitlement. You can also turn to the Citizens Advice Bureau for more help. The Directgov website also has plenty of information on the type of benefits that you can claim.

Folks, the money isn’t going to just go away — it’ll be reallocated and reassigned eventually. You might as well make sure that you have that money available to take care of your household.

If you have an elderly relative that is struggling, you might want to help them find out for themselves whether or not they qualify for more benefits than what they are getting right now.

Again, it’s not a crime to figure out what you’re owed, or help some of your family members find out what they’re owed. It just makes sense when you really think of it! Good luck out there!