6 tips to cut the cost of your heating bills this winter

October’s chills will turn into icy November and December days sooner than we realise, which can only mean one thing: winter is around the corner. Like many people in the UK, I have been trying to think of smart ways to keep the cost of heating down especially as Christmas is coming up, and I can’t think of anything worse than a cold Christmas! Cut down the stress as well as your heating bills by looking for smart options during winter. If you’re at your wits end and need urgent money try instant payday loans to borrow money over short term, just to help you get through the cold winter months. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

• Clothing: Wrap up in the woollen warmth of jumpers this winter as a stylish way to cut down on heating bills. One of my favourites is sweatshirts. Look out for fleeces too which really go the distance especially during harsh winters. Far from being a fashion statement, they keep your entire body warm which in turn will leave more money in your pocket.

• Bedtime: Extra blankets are important when it comes to going to bed. Quilts are fantastic because they tend to be made from rich fabrics which envelope you in warmth as you drift off to sleep. My top pick would be one quilt and one extra blanket to cover your duvet before you go to bed. Thick socks may sound like a style-conscious moneysaver’s worst nightmare but they do the trick when you are going to bed.

• Hot water bottles: The classic hot water bottle is bound to experience a comeback this winter especially among moneysavers like us because they are versatile for use from dawn to dusk. Hot water bottles are good ways to save on heating bills especially when you just want to lie down on the sofa while watching TV because they envelope the hot water to keep you warmer for longer.

• Windows: If you have blinds on your windows, one trick you can apply to retain any warmth in the room is to close the blinds instead of opening them. Do this when you are in the room particularly at night if you are having a night in with your family or you have your friends over.

• Rugs & carpets: Got any old rugs and carpets that are stacked in storage? Dust them off and pull them out because your gorgeous wooden floors need to be covered. This will keep your feet protected against any chills.

• Thermos flasks: These are amazing to keep you warm and cosy inside without resorting to turning up the radiator. Used by a wide range of people such as explorers to feel toasty in cold temperatures, keep your tea or coffee in a thermos flask for the whole day. You will notice the effect on moneysaving because you will spend less time putting the kettle.

It is time to look outside the box when it comes to saving money on your heating bills. The six tips I mentioned above can be enacted for virtually no money because many families have extra blankets, rugs and hot water bottles lying around. Make use of these tools for Christmas that glows from the interior outwards.