6 Tips to help you get Noticed for promotion in an Office Environment

Standing out from the crowd is a considerable challenge, particularly for any person working in a large scale office with many people at an entry level competing against one another for recognition. However if you follow the guidelines below you are sure to increase your chances of your managers taking notice of your exceptional skills and ambition.

Take the initiative at the right times.

At several points in your office career you will be presented with opportunities to display your capacity for taking initiative in a situation without any guidance. This is a key skill that you are often required to possess if you hope to progress up the corporate ladder. The trick is identifying when these opportunities are present. Do not risk making mistakes in your work by being too headstrong to ask for help when you need it as this will reflect on your poorly. However if you can clearly see the next logical step to your work, or you identify a better and more efficient way to do a task do not hesitate to seize the initiative and impress your overheads.

Be legitimately enthusiastic and passionate about your work.

This may be easier said than done if you are working in a field in which you’re struggling for motivation, but there really is no replacement for a genuine interest in your work. Take pride in what you do and the way you behave as a professional, if you struggle to find genuine enthusiasm in the nature of your work then focus on one aspect that you can really believe in, such as providing the best possible service for the customers who are depending on you. Having a real desire to do your best possible work speaks volumes about your character and this attitude will not go unnoticed if you keep it up every day in your nine to five.

Don’t be modest.

Be confident in your capabilities and skills, use this confidence to your benefit by offering to take on more complicated projects or tasks that need done around the office. Offer to help your peers around you if they are struggling with understanding or completing a task. Of course you must be wary of your confidence being misinterpreted as cockiness or as condescending to other staff members, but if executed correctly with grace and respect then those above you will be aware of your talents and desires without feeling like you’re shoe horning your presence where it is not requested.

Network with the right people in your office hierarchy.

There is certainly a social aspect to obtaining the promotion you desire. You need to take opportunities to establish contact with the authority figures who make the decisions. Striking a social relationship with these people gives you a better chance of at least being chosen for further consideration should a higher level position ever open up above you. Of course this is no replacement for the other tips in this article that are more important but ‘playing the game’ and networking with savvy is often how things get done in the real business world.