Are You Going to Catch the Fixed Price Funeral Trend

Okay, we have to admit something: we hate talking about death. Yes, we have plenty of guides available to you that discuss life cover and other end of life issues, but it’s something that we provide to you out of necessity. We just don’t like thinking about death. There’s a lot of other stuff that we’d rather talk about. Why talk about something that we all have to face eventually?

The truth is that it’s time to talk about death even more, especially in light of a troubled economy that’s only getting worse over time. What you have to make sure that you are doing is looking at the average cost of burial services. This has actually gone up to over three thousand pounds! There’s a sharp demand for pre-paid fixed price plans that allow you to absolutely know where you stand. Some people think that it’s morbid to even start planning for one’s death, but we thought about it from a different perspective.

See, we’re all about making sure that our families are taken care of from start to finish. If you’re going to think about life insurance, why not think about your burial costs? You don’t want to have the financial stress of burying you to weigh down on your family. Even if you do invest in a life insurance policy, it might take a few weeks for the money to be given to your beneficiaries. This means that your family will have to scramble to afford the cost of burying you after you’re no longer with them. That can be a sobering thought for many families, especially during a time where money is very tight and everyone is watching virtually every penny that comes in.

Prepaid burial isn’t new, but it’s something that’s definitely making a strong comeback. The biggest provider out there right now is Dignity, who is reporting nearly 290,000 funeral plans. That’s quite a bit, when you think about how little peopled want to even think about death.

If you go with a prepaid burial option, you’re going to be making payments for about a year or so. This lets you have your funeral services covered.

You get to lock in your rate now, while you’re still alive. You know how much it’s going to cost, and therefore you avoid price increases. This is just part of the industries.

The funeral plans range from about two thousand to four thousand pounds, and you get 12 months to pay it all off without incurring interest charges. The type of plan you choose depends on how much you pay. There are some basic, no frills plans and some downright luxurious plans — ones that let you pick out one rockin’ coffin.

If you’re looking at trying to figure out what plan to go with, you might want to make sure that you’re looking at the services that you get. Funeral directors must give you a breakdown of what each and every charge means, as well as the options that would be open to you.

Be aware that funeral plans aren’t insurance, and insurance isn’t a funeral plan.

You get a lot of choices involved with planning your own funeral. It could give you a sense of peace that everything is already laid out to your wishes and designed around what you want for your family.

An important fact is that funeral companies have to put your money in trust with a separate trustee as well as submit themselves to audits regularly. This is something designed to protect the consumer of course.

It can be hard to even think about a time where you’re not here to take care of your family, but at least you can make sure that they don’t have anything to worry about. Good luck!