Avoiding Life on Mars – an investment in HR software

Imagine being trapped in 1973, much like the police officer in popular television show Life on Mars. It’s an odd statement to open an article about human resources, admittedly, but bear with it for a while.

You’re trapped in 1973 like the guy from Life on Mars but, instead of being a police officer, you’re the head of human resources in a hustling bustling office. Just imagine the difference between then and today. Instead of a sleek and sophisticated computer, you’d be trapped in a sea of never-ending paper, bulky filing cabinets and clunking, clanking typewriters.

Your life would be a tiring series of communications as you dash around the office giving everyone their letters, notifications and tasks for the day.

And, by the time the afternoon hits, you’re, bleurgh, knackered, and all you’re thinking about is how your life isn’t even half as exciting as Life on Mars, which is odd because you’re from 1973 and probably shouldn’t be familiar with a show made in 2006.

As the end of the day rears its pleasing head, you dream of something, anything, to make your job a little more convenient.

Well, here’s some good news for you, although admittedly it’s something you were probably already aware of – you’re not in 1973! But, here’s something you might not know – HR software is a cheap and effective way to cut down on your paperwork.

Indeed, things have moved on dramatically since the days of paper correspondences and endless amounts of filing. With the advent of powerful computers and versatile software, the life of a human resources professional has become a far less laborious prospect.

And, although the software necessary for effective HR management used to be a costly luxury only suitable for mega companies, it’s now an affordable way to organise any business.

The benefits of purchasing HR software

Really, the business with time on its mind will find HR software a dream come true. Like a repeated viewing of Life on Mars, the constant use of software to map out the logistics of your company can spell satisfaction with ease.

Nowadays, program suites dealing with human resources feature a veritable treasure trove of organisational gems, from storing employee details to keeping track of job applicants, and much more.

With this cutting edge technology, you’ll be able to figure out every aspect of your company, with the ability to log health and safety sheets and keep abreast of disciplinary procedures.

Within the realms of human resources, time is your ally, so the option to schedule important correspondences via email leaves another portion of your day freed up for more pressing matters.

If your office doesn’t have HR software, you’ll find it’ll be similar to being stuck in 1973, dead to time and wasting time with pointless tasks. So, invest in some HR software and cut down on your admin for a better, more effective workplace.