Debts Ruin Lives

Many people can’t achieve complete happiness because of their debts. Debts contribute a lot of stress and getting rid of them is so difficult. Most of us are aware about the consequences of having debts and the sad thing is that many of us don’t seem to have self-control and discipline. It’s not wrong to have fun, but it is also not right to spend more than what we earn.

According to studies, a lot of people are spending many years of their lives paying off their loans. It is not easy to put aside the idea of getting a loan as the needs of people arise day by day. And one more thing, loans can be easily availed these days, which have lured many individuals to get loans here and there. Debts are good as long as they’re obtained for a very important purpose. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself in a quicksand.

All of us handle our finances differently and we all fall under one of the three types of people in terms of handling money.


The achiever is usually hard working. They feel the need to exert extra efforts to earn more income so that they’ll be able to pay off their debts. He is focused on work and forgets that his body also needs to unwind and enjoy.

Lavish Spender

This is a person who lives an extravagant life and don’t really care how much they spend. Swiping credit cards is a passion for them and they oftentimes end up having mountainous debts.


This type of person works and saves. He is very particular on the money that he can save rather than enjoying his life using his hard earned money. He is not the type who obtains loans for he has enough savings. In other words, he is a practical and frugal person.

Now, evaluate yourself.  What type of spender are you?

Debt Takes Away Our Lives

Many of us wish to have a debt-free life, and we hope that it can all be done with just a simple snap. Life could’ve been happier without debts. No stress and no worries. Others sometimes even wish that credit cards were not invented because it just made many lives so depressing.

So, the next time you avail of loans, you must first think of a very good purpose for it. But if you’re already in a debt cage, do not lose hope as you still have a chance to get out of it. Just learn how to budget and create a plan for your personal finances. Believe that you can survive the challenge and you shall triumph!