Here’s a Great Way to Catch Up on Your Financial Blueprint and Beat Inflation at the Same Time!




These days, it can feel like a losing battle to actually save money. Sometimes you think that everything is going well, only to find that when you really crunch the numbers, you really haven’t moved as far towards saving enough money as you would like. Thankfully, this is not a problem that you have to face alone. This is not something that you have to go through on your own, as if you are the only person that is dealing with this issue.

MoneyVista has actually come out with a new feature called Savings Watch that will make sure that you’re getting the best interest rate that you can get.

This is important because nearly 76% of the available savings accounts in the UK pay less than the rate of inflation. Savings Watch helps you correct that in a very big way: they keep track of the interest rates your current savings accounts are earning. This helps you move your money to another account when you aren’t getting the best return. The service is designed to alert you when your savings rate falls, but it also goes one step better by showing you how much extra interest you stand to gain by switching.

Searching for better accounts has never been easier. Everything is set up in a convenient widget that clearly presents the information to you.

We think that Savings Watch is a great addition to the MoneyVista family of services. Maintaining your financial blueprint is never easy, but MoneyVista steps in to show you the best information possible. You can even take a 30 free trial of MoneyVista’s premium services. We signed up for the service for our own personal finance needs, and find that it’s so much easier to reach one’s financial goals when you can log in and see exactly where you are, right now, as well as how far away from your true goals you actually are.

The time is just right to check out MoneyVista Savings Watch! Test out that widget, but more importantly, you should share your opinion with the company. These services only get better when they know exactly what you’re looking for, so don’t hesitate to make your voice heard!


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