Promising Industries for 2013

Every year there is a constant need to figure out what would be the best area for investments. After all, the market is in a constant change, and is going through some rough developments thanks to the recent financial crisis. One of the most interesting facts about 2013 is the fact that investments have moved from the bonds area to the stocks area. This was a comment that was first mentioned sometime in 2011 and it has started gaining more and more importance as of late 2012.

As with everything, with the investment market it is relevant to stay tuned to the most recent news and have a constant focus on market developments. Places such as Fisher Investments MarketMinder can be a good source of information, and represent a great starting place. Now, since we discussed a bit about what would be a wise investment in terms of major categories, let’s go a bit over what the most promising industries for 2013 might be.

1.) Healthcare Stocks

Now, this might be an interesting industry to invest in 2013 thanks to Obama’s second term and his reforms. Research analysts at the Equity Division consider the following period as quite fruitful for possible investors if they plan on going on the health care stock market. Consider total returns as high as 47.93% for a one-year period – no doubt it’s something worth looking at.

2.) Investing In Emerging Markets

Modern retailers in emerging markets are seeing peak sales in the past few years – and they will remain on an ascendant path for the next few years as well. Consider factors such as global population growth, a general plunge out of the financial crisis, and the fact that emerging markets are finally seeing some limelight. The truth is, there is little to be moved in terms of real financial shakedowns in mature markets. But with emerging markets things are a bit less fixed, and there is more space for financial growth. That makes it a perfect place to invest. It’s why most major companies are looking to spread their businesses in emerging markets in order to gain a bigger customer share.

3.) U.S. Housing

Probably one of the most interesting suggestion so far, the U.S. housing sector can prove to be quite an interesting investment area. First of all, U.S. home prices are expected to rise about 3% this year, adding to the 5% that occurred last year. That’s wonderful news for any investor that has waited for the real estate market to blossom again.