Socialising While in Debt – Possible?

When in debt, we are frequently told we must give up our luxuries and prioritise our essentials until those big debts are paid off. And yes, indeed this is a sensible spending strategy designed to get you back on the financial straight and narrow. But does that mean becoming a hermit, giving up all manner of fun?

Fortunately not. There are ways to enjoy life without spending lots of money and ways that will fit in perfectly with your tight debt repayment budget plan. You will, of course, have to make certain changes if you are currently enjoying an extravagant lifestyle, but having a social life can be a cheap affair!

A social life should be about who you’re spending time with and not as much where you happen to be spending that time. So start with substituting restaurant trips for home cooking. Get a few friends involved and perhaps all take turn hosting! This is far, far cheaper than restaurant eating and just as much fun.

Socializing while in Debt

Switch expensive cocktail bar trips for happy hour in your local pub! Try getting into the bars when it’s buy one get one free!

Switch expensive movie tickets for inviting your friends around for a movie marathon at home. Cinema tickets are particularly expensive. In fact, you can pick up a DVD and a load of snacks to eat at home for around the same price as a cinema ticket now!

Don’t forget to take advantage of free events too. Check websites local to your for listings for free and low cost events. They could range from flower shows to wine tasting sessions. You might even find a new hobby!

A social life can be achieved without extravagance, therefore permitting you the social exposure you require without interfering with your debt repayments!