Sponsored Video – Virgin Media Business; Three new Things

Virgin Media Business is a branch of the Virgin company run by Richard Branson which is working with innovators to expand their businesses. It looks for unique business ideas in which to help. Three New Things is a video which shows how certain companies were chosen to take part in the project.

The three businesses highlighted were working in different areas. Each had the opportunity to present their ideas at a gathering and then on the 12th March the winners were announced. By winning the groups had the chance to meet Richard Branson and discuss their ideas with him. They would also get mentoring and support from Virgin Media Business.

The businesses were all quite different, solar charging hubs for the developing world. 3D printed satellites and printed made to measure shoes. These were all ideas that had not yet made it big but were felt to have fantastic potential to change the way that we work and live.

The solar charging hubs were designed by Buffalo Grid with African entrepreneurs in mind. They are not near to the grid and so have no electricity supply but with one of these they would be able to charge their mobile phones and those of their customers to enable many rural based people to be able to have a new way of communicating outside of their own community.

Cubesat produced casing or tiny satellites and they have recently come up with a cheaper material to make them from and they can even be 3D printed in space making them cheaper to launch and making it much more cost effective to explore space.

Three Over Seven were the company that provided an app to use you mobile phone to scan your feet so that you could have a pair of shoes 3D printed to exactly fit your feet and they will be delivered the day after you have ordered. This is something that has not been available before. At the event this was voted as the peoples favourite, probably because it has practical applications for everyone.

More details can be found on the Virgin Media business Homepage or you can keep up with company news on Virgin media Business Twitter. If you have innovative business ideas of enjoy following those who do, then this is a great place to start.

This Post was sponsored by Virgin Media.