The best ways to invest your money carefully and make a profit

There is no doubt that times are tough for some people now. You may be working flat out at a full-time job but still looking for ways to bump up your monthly pay, or you may be needing to find new ways to make money if your work situation is looking shaky. What many people don’t realise is that investing any money that you can afford is a superb way to do just that. Even if you are financially sorted and just fancy finding a way to bump up your savings, investing is a great option.

As with anything that involves your money though, you need to be smart in what you invest in and how you do it. Taking the time to find a reliable online trading wiki to really get to grips with how to make your money work for you in the safest way is key to seeing a profit on it.

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Best investments make for sensible returns

When it comes to investing your cash, some investments are less risky than others. If you are being careful about how you use any spare money in this way (which is highly advised!), then these are the ones to think about.


Trading in currencies on the forex market is one of the most popular and easy-to-pick-up investments that you can make. This is a massive market that regularly sees trillions of dollars traded each day across the globe. You can get involved with this market wherever you live and from the safety of your own sofa – the brokers that you place your trades via all operate online!

The basic premise is that you trade in currency pairs such as the US Dollar against the Euro. When putting a trade on, you either predict that the price of the pair will go up or down. If you have made the right call, then you make some money! If you follow a decent trading strategy and educate yourself on the market basics, then you can make some serious money on forex.

What makes it a good investment for those careful with their money? For starters, each trade allows you to dictate how much you would like to lose if it goes against you, which always keeps you in control. In addition, many forex brokers now allow you to copy other successful traders to take much of the risk out of it. The forex industry is also making every effort to help traders avoid forex scam traps from unscrupulous brokers or dealers.

What other investments are safest?

Although all investment carries some risk in order to make profit, the below are some of the most secure around:

  • Certificate of deposit – if you are looking for perhaps the safest investment around for your cash, then this is the one. It in effect lends your money to an institution (usually a bank) for an agreed amount of time. The beauty is that you are guaranteed to get your money back with an agreed amount of interest on top of it. While it may not make as much profit as forex, it is very safe for those who want to avoid any risk at all.
  • Bonds – many investors still go for bonds, which have been around for years. They are another safe investment compared to others and generally bring in a healthy profit on your investment. Bonds pay you a fixed income for a set period and don’t require much in the way of managing them.
  • Mutual funds – many ordinary people who want to invest their money but don’t want any hassle go with a mutual fund. These are funds managed by a professional fund manager that contain various investment types. This is an advantage as it means that any change in the status of one type of investment is covered by the others in the fund. These funds can bring in a very good profit over time and have the benefit of being managed for you by a financial expert.
  • Fine wine – this careful investment is something of a slow burn but will make you money in the long term. The key is choosing the right wines – luckily, there are certain varieties that always do well, so working that out is easy with a little help from the internet. Be patient and you will find that this is one of the best-returning investments around.

Careful investment and profit can exist together

Many people worry about investing their money into the various markets as they fear that it is too risky. While this is natural, it is actually not the case for many investments out there! As this article has shown, there are many investments that you can make that are low risk but will also make you money.