The Masters In Finance Programme is the Perfect Boost To Your Career!

If you’ve already accumulated five to seven years of experience in the finance world, chances are good that you’ve collected a lot of experience. The world of finance moves very quickly, whether you’re talking about the local scene or the international finance scene at large. What you need to do from here is to actually see what continuing your education could bring you.

More Benefits Than Just Money

There is a certain satisfaction that comes from knowing that you have completed more than what’s expected from you. Getting your bachelor’s degree is a great start to your finance career, but what about going beyond that?

That brings us to the Masters in Finance programme track, which can finally get you the recognition that you deserve in the world of finance. Yet there’s another problem: where do you go when you must pick a quality school? You don’t want to go to a substandard school, as your future employers will not appreciate the time that you’ve taken into pursuing financial issues at the graduate level.

The London Business School has an excellent Masters in Finance programme, which is unique in many ways.

It is actually offered in two formats — a full time 1 year programme, or a part-time programme on weekends. The weekend program is 2 years.

LBS didn’t just stop there with the programme — they have ensured that if you do decide to pursue the programme you will have the best employers in the world waiting for you when you graduate. Top recruiters like Credit Suisse, Deloitte, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Standard Chartered and UBS all look for the top graduates for incredible jobs.

The salary tends to be very competitive and worth taking notice of, as base salary can go as high as 195,000 GBP — and that’s not including sign on or year end bonuses at all.

An important point that you need to know is that LBS Masters in Finance graduates are supported from start to finish by a London-based Career Services team who will work with them to enhance their job prospects but also their earning potential. If you’re going to invest in getting your graduate degree, you definitely want to be well compensated for all of your hard work!

The LBS Masters in Finance has been ranked number 1 by the Financial Times, a clear sign that this is a degree track worth pursuing.

Full transparency is also something that the LBS programme provides right from the beginning. You can look at the LBS Masters in Finance employment report right on the website, and there are even student and alumni profiles available as well.

Overall, your choices are many, but the LBS Masters in Finance is perfect for those looking to expand their career opportunities and take things to the next level!

Visit the LBS webpages to:

  • download a programme brochure.
  • download the latest Masters in Finance employment report
  • view student and alumni profiles.

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