Things to consider before applying for debt finance from a bank

This infographic from OakNorth Bank has lots of really great information for businesses. It is all about debt finance and how to secure it. This infographic explains to you what to think about before you apply in order to improve your chances. It also shows how difficult and long the process can be for many businesses but explains that Oaknorth bank work hard to complete deals much more quickly which saves businesses time and means that they can get the money that they need so much more quickly.

It goes on to explain that normally you would not get to meet the people that decide on whether you can have the loan or not but OakNorth bank arrange a meeting for this. This means that you can explain directly to them why you need the money and how you will ensure that it will be paid back. It is important to OakNorth Bank that the loan can be repaid and so they look carefully at your cashflow forecast and give you the loan that you need but they feel you can repay.