Wedding insurance – is it a good idea?

With the price of weddings going up (a lot of weddings cost over £17,000 nowadays), more and more people are looking to wedding insurance to get covered for events beyond their control. There are a lot of useful clauses in wedding insurance policies that can protect you monetarily if things go sour. For example, if bad weather wipes out your wedding plan and causes a re-scheduling, some wedding insurance policies will pay for the expenses. Some wedding insurance policies will pay for lost luggage when going to an on-site wedding. So, if your tux or gown was a no-show on your big day, the policy would provide you with money to procure a replacement. Wedding insurance might not protect you in the event that you get cold feet but it will help you monetarily in about every other situation.

A lot of couples wonder if they should get wedding insurance, despite the extra cost it adds to an already expensive modern and trendy wedding. Is it a needless cost that they will not use, or is it an important way to protect what they have already spent? This is really up to you, as a couple, to decide. It might also be up to the bride’s parents if they are paying for the ceremony.

Wedding Insurance

One way to look at wedding insurance is this way-  if you are paying a lot for your wedding, and if there is a lot that can go wrong, then a wedding insurance policy might not be the worst idea. You can also tailor your plan to fit your wedding in the places that you are worried about. So, for example, if your building already comes with liability insurance, you can forget about needing that in your policy, unless you just want it to cover you personally.