What is Cloud Storage And Why Should You Care?

Cloud storage is in fact a cloud computing model that enables you to store data on the internet. It works through a provider that manages and operates data storage, this is known as storage-as-a-service. Using cloud storage means you won’t need to have your own data storage infrastructure. Cloud storage is more convenient and simpler to use.

The benefits of using cloud storage are why you should care about it 

There are many benefits to using cloud storage and once you have realised just how useful it can be for your business, company, or even personal documents, you will very likely want to use it. The main advantages are it’s cost-effective and ideal for multiple users to access. For companies working remotely, it’s important to have one place to save all your files if they need to be shared, and creating folders can be a neat way of separating out different topics or months, for example. Cloud storage is also a secure way to keep company documents safe.

It’s worth remembering you will need to have a stable WiFi connection to access files and let the cloud sync up, you can’t reap the benefits of cloud storage without an internet connection. It’s also worth considering extra costs like cloud migration, as this isn’t always free.

Types of cloud storage 

There are three main types of cloud storage; public, private, and hybrid. Depending on the business or company you need the storage for, there are a few things you need to take into consideration to decide on the right option for you. Private storage is suitable for those who don’t want to share their files with a range of people, it needs to be more secure and secretive, whereas, public storage is the opposite. Public cloud storage is suitable for those who want to share their documents with others, they have nothing to hide or less GDPR involved, for example. Hybrid storage is a mixture of the two and is commonly used by banks who have data that needs to be securely kept away, like card details but also some data that can be shared with customers like public rules for banking.

The difference between cloud storage and cloud computing 

Many question the difference between cloud storage and cloud computing. Cloud storage is a cloud computing model. Cloud computing is the delivery of services linked to computing, including servers, storage, software, databases, analytics, and cloud services. If you want quicker innovation and flexible resources, cloud computing could be exactly what you need.

Now you know just how beneficial cloud storage can be for storing your data, files, and documents safely in one place, what are you waiting for? Sometimes the migration process can take a while, but this definitely shouldn’t put you off as it’s all worth it in the long run. Get a more secure, organised, cost-effective, multi-user shared space up and running as soon as possible with cloud storage!