Yes, It’s Possible to Get Fresh Start Credit Cards

Need a fresh start? Don’t be embarrassed; there comes a point in everyone’s lives where they need to go back and look at all of the financial decisions they’ve made. Good or bad, it’s part of your history. But if you want to move forward, you can’t just hide in the past. You have to get a credit card that will build up your history again. Hiding from the problem doesn’t change the outcome. It just makes it much more difficult to get the things that you really want later, like a house and a car.

Are there “fresh start” credit cards that ignore your bad credit? Absolutely. Lenders have a reason for this, naturally: they want to get you back into the credit system and using credit like normal people. They want the fees that they’re missing out on. But just because they might have an ulterior motive to their actions doesn’t mean that you have to ignore the benefits waiting for you.

Here’s some cards that you might want to check out:

1. Aqua Classic Card

This is a card that does have a fairly high APR, but not nearly as high as some of the others in the category. If you want to go with a card that’s going to help you rebuild your credit without slowing you down, this is a great card for you. It has an APR of 29.7%.

2. Capital One Classic Preferred

Capital One is a known brand across the globe, so you can have peace of mind about all of your charges. The reason why we really like this card is that you know exactly where you stand with the card from the beginning. The application is about 60 seconds, so if you’re approved you’ll know right away. The APR is 28.9%, which represents this category of credit cards fairly well.

3. Vanquis Credit Card

At 39.9% APR, this really isn’t the first choice on our list by any stretch of the imagination. But if all other credit cards have rejected you, the Vanquis Credit Card will most likely take you in. There’s a grace period every payment cycle where interest isn’t charged. To save money while rebuilding your credit history, you want to make sure that make your payments on time every single month. It’s the best way to avoid additional fees.

Keep in mind that this isn’t a category of credit cards that you will want to use forever. The APR rates are very high because you represent an extreme risk to the credit card company. Still, it’s better to go with a company that’s going to give you a chance rather than just deny you opportunities.

Good luck on your credit rebuilding journey. As long as you pay these cards on time, you’ll have a better credit history in no time at all.